Dragon Thrones

A Live Action Roleplay & Megagame Fantasy Adventure

Up Next!

Dragon Thrones Heroes! Our Winter Adventure!

January 3-5, 2020

The Castle is minutes outside Philadelphia, PA.


Dragon Thrones

A Live Action Roleplay & Megagame Fantasy Adventure

Up Next!

Dragon Thrones Heroes! Our Winter Adventure!

January 3-5, 2020

The Castle is minutes outside Philadelphia, PA.


Up Next: Dragon Thrones Heroes! January 3-5, 2020

Grey Towers Castle at Arcadia University — America’s Castle Landmark!

Minutes outside of Philadelphia, PA. Minutes from the airport, trains and more!

Thank you to everyone who made Dragon Thrones IV our best event yet!

Below is our reel of our Amazing and Epic Players!

As featured in and played by Geek & Sundry!


Have an adventure of a lifetime in a medieval fantasy realm, new players welcome!

Enjoy a true 3 day weekend escape where you are transformed into a high born hero!

Be cast into an amazing team to meet new people from all over the world. 

Explore historic landmarks to discover secrets and unlock mysteries.

Choose which features you want to experience and influence.

Experience a new form of pure fun called 'Game Theatre'.




Dragon Thrones is similar to an all-inclusive vacation. Therefore, scrolling through a ticket page can create more questions than it answers. Our team customizes your weekend experience to cater to your personal interests and needs. Think of it as contacting a travel agent who wants to take the extra time to answer your questions and explain all the features and opportunities with Dragon Thrones!


Dragon Thrones is an immersive medieval fantasy weekend by The Game Theatre hosted at America's signature castle campuses. 'Game Theatre' is a new form of entertainment combining role-play, social gaming, and interactive theatre to create fascinating adventures for everyone (no experience required). Weekends are always "all inclusive": you receive a custom character and will be cast into a team fitting your personality. The experience includes room, catered meals, drinks, and all interactive features. Adventure for 3 days around castle inspired landmarks!  


Dragon Thrones is an "opt in" experience, pick and choose what features you enjoy and watch your choices affect the world around you! As your customized character you will strive to achieve your various Personal, Team, and Global Objectives over an amazing weekend adventure. There are many different interactive features to be involved in, including a giant war and diplomacy game, quests, team-building missions, puzzles and secrets to uncover, player run scenes and events and more! Plus, we have exclusive relationships with drink and other festive sponsors.

Dragon Thrones is a game designed precisely for the interests of the participants who are attending. You will customize your role with our team and the pricing is just a little over $200 per day for everything! Our experience team would look forward to speaking with you about the many details of this unique and epic weekend event!

The event is 18+ and handicapped accessible. Players with disabilities welcome! Vegetarian food options available.

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A detailed review by Alternative Reality Gaming HERE!

An unbiased player review:

Dragon Thrones 3

I attended this event during 7/6-8. Dragon Thrones 3 (DT3) is an interactive medieval fantasy event that is located in Bryn Mawr College - Philadelphia, PA. This is a type of event that is typically classified as LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) where each person assumes a role of character and acts out to create a story with other people in the event. While this is largely true, I found DT3 to be something more than just a LARP.

During DT 3, each players (people who are participating in this game of make belief) are assigned a role in different kingdom which competes to control the entire fantasy kingdom of Cambria. (Or defend it against a common goal) If you are familiar with a show/book Game of Thrones, it has a similar vibe and settings but with a completely different world. Players are expected to dress up and costume themselves appropriately. This helps them to get into their character as well as create an environment which other players can immerse themselves with.

During the game, you are expected to remain in character throughout the entire weekend. Of course, the degree and mileage you may act out your character varies from person to person. You are also provided snacks, water, meals, as well as a room to stay in. There are several components to the game as follows.

First big part is Roleplaying. Every player can and easily pretend to be their assigned character and have a conversation or a debate with others. Each player character sheet and meetings within the kingdom may give some information to talk about with others. This can be a rewarding experience and you can help your kingdom significantly by gathering information - this can be useful in “mega game” rounds. Personally, my entire weekend was spent in roleplaying and it gave me such a fun experience. I was afraid that I would miss out on too many of other stuff, but I had no regrets in the end. Each character backgrounds are created by wonderful writers and it gives so many connections and intertwining plots. It is why I play storytelling games and this experience at DT3 was the most excellent.

Second big part would be a mega game. It happened about 2-3 times a day with total of 5-6 rounds for the entire duration of game. Honestly I cannot speak much into it as I decided to opt out of this entirely. It is played similar to other long war simulation board games and requires resource management/unit strategies. Several players spend their entire time at this table and seemed to enjoy it quiet a bit. One negative aspect I heard was that you may be stuck at the table entire time as nobody else might understand/desire to play the mega game.

Third part would be Night missions/mirror missions. If you are familiar with tabletop roleplaying games, it would be exactly that except with your DT3 characters. Each house has GMs that assist with DT3 as far as rules and boundaries go. Usually these GMs would run small adventures that your character and others could go on side as the entire game is still happening. It is heavily narrative based and uses very little “checks” to determine the outcome of character’s action. Overall, these missions help you explore plots for your character and other happenings that could be better resolved within small group settings. ...or a storyline worth exploring after midnight and everyone is drunk with mead.

Fourth part would encompass pretty much everything else. They have a mead tasting from local brewery which is wonderful. There are stage performances like magician, dancer, singer, and etc. For this year, they also had a side quest which involved solving riddles and scavenger hunting items across the campus. They have plethora of player/organizer staged events like memorization puzzle, boffer weapon combat, masquerade ball with dance lessons, in-game hand fastenings, and so many more that I may not be even aware of. Mixture of players volunteering to host something as well as organizers providing extra boost makes these events wonderful to be a part/witness of.

With key events listed out, I would like to say I was pleased with most parts of things that I could partake during DT3. It is truly an all-you-can-eat/Opt-in experience as it is designed to be. You can do any of this or almost all of this. As a more role-play oriented player, I was most happy when I was making shit up and make story interesting with other players. When I needed to recharge and get my energy up, there were plenty of other events that had some sort of in-game ties as well as relaxing components to it. I believe this helped me set my pace and was enabling me to continue on without mentally exhausting myself on story and character interactions.

As far as immersion goes, I would like to say it was about medium-high. Since it is portraying medieval-like fantasy times, it does not have an extreme immersion like other modern era games. Costumes and other well placed props give that needed boost to already beautiful historic college buildings. This may sound like extreme negative to some people, but having this non-extreme level of immersion helped me tremendously with my overall game play as I was able to pace myself within the experience. I was able to role-play and then turn that off to watch a performance/just stop to admire building structures/or participate in a swordplay.

DT3 was also extremely friendly to non-LARP crowd in that they provided a clear goal and common goal for the house for you to aim for. I am more familiar with much more freeform/non-objective oriented LARP experience in my very short LARP life. DT3 was different in that I was able to clearly go for something straight out of my character sheet instead of trying to formulate a plan of play via impromptu. There are clearly pros and cons in both styles. DT3 having this slightly tighter and detailed writing resulted in pro of players without much preparation able to aim their play direction right away. For players who were prepared, they were also able to decide on general direction and add different parts that went well with what has been described on their character sheet. This was also true in social aspects, as there were many players who were interested in few aspect of games and were extremely chill about hanging out of game even though in-game their kingdoms may be at war. Drinks were abundant and everyone (hopefully :-P) understood all animosities were in-game and not outside of this game.

This is why I believe DT3 to be something more than a LARP. It is a combination of live action role-play along with a spectator aspect, board-gaming, tabletop role-play, and many other activities that somehow tied with plots of event. It was a wonderful combination of things that I was able to partake in, and something that I would look forward in the future for. Hopefully, The Game Theatre will be able to continue to produce events like this in the future - I will try to be there for sure.

- Joseph

Player Testimonials:

Player Blog Post: https://step-by-steph.com/2019/07/08/dragon-thrones/

If you want to explore a character and immerse yourself in Role Play, this is the event for you! From the outstanding locations, to the dynamic story-line, to the creative costumes (and did I mention the food?) it is a feast for the senses. The superb organization of the event gives each player freedom to discover who they are and where they may be headed in a diverse, friendly, safe environment. For gamers there is a MegaGame, for those who prefer to stick to role play there are objectives and personal interaction, and for everyone it is an all inclusive weekend where alliances will be forged, real friendships will form, and you'll look forward with great expectation to your next visit. Don't miss it! - Betsy

This was my first Dragon Thrones and I am hooked. The people are just so wonderful, everyone is there to have fun and are so kind. As a new LARPer I wasn’t sure what to expect but Tara was the best GM a newbie could ask for and the Elves feel like family. There was so much to do I have to play again just to feel like I experienced everything because as it stands I feel like I only scratched the surface of this amazing, beautiful story. - Angela

This was a phenomenal first time LARP experience. I had concerns about not fitting in, about not making any friends, about being alone since I came by myself. Once I got into the role and the game, that was a non-issue. Everyone was welcoming, everyone was friendly, and I absolutely feel like I'm part of a community now. I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to LARPing. - Sara

Dragon Thrones was an intense, immersive RPG experience. The players were all friendly and easy to play along with. Getting into character, especially in that setting, with those people was so easy! I really felt like I was contributing to the game over all, while still having a very satisfying personal story as well. The personal goals were difficult but doable. The overall atmosphere was delightful! - Melissa

Honor, Betrayal, Mystery... I found all these things & more at Dragon Thrones. I've been playing RPG's for well over 12 years and I felt that weekend was more immersive, dynamic, emotional and breathtaking than any I've been party to before. The atmosphere was welcoming to a new LARPer and many reassured me at the outset. Those seeds of goodwill cemented themselves as lasting friendships and I consider many of these ones family that will be with me wherever I roam. Dragon Thrones will hold a place in my heart forever... and I hope to return soon to Cambria. - Jesse

I had the most amazing time and was supported not only by the organizers but also the other players. The range of activities was awesome and ensured that I didn't stop moving until it was over. I wish I were still there. - Chris

As a first time LARPer attending the event on my own, I was optimistic but a little unsure of how the event would go. Dragon Thrones completely blew all of my expectations out of the water! I felt safe, welcome, and involved in the story from the moment the game started until the end. Even better, I left with a whole new community and group of friends! I felt entirely immersed in the world, and loved the chance to interact with such a deep world and storyline. I can't wait to go back! - Melissa

If you love gaming like me, especially any kind of role playing, Dragon Thrones is the event for you. I am a long-time tabletop gamer, but this was my first larp and megagame experience. I have never felt so at home and welcome into a community as I did at Dragon Thrones. Every person I met was a potential friend, and I hope the members of House Ardmore will remain friends long after DT4. My husband and I work full time and have 2 young kids, so this event was our chance to indulge in a hobby we love. We were not disappointed, DT4 was one of the best vacations we have ever had as a couple. I felt zero "mommy guilt" after I got home, despite the kids' best efforts, because it was totally worth the weekend away. We can't wait to come back! - Rachel

I truly love how Evan and Chris made dragon thrones personal. The fact that Evan knew my name, my character, meant a lot. Also when he messaged me personally to say he hoped I had a good time made a great impression. Knowing that the creators care and it's not just a business to them means a lot. - Kayla

Dragon Thrones may have ruined role-play for me! Nothing else will ever be as satisfying, immersive, and intense! I will be recommending this LARP to my RP groups! This is more than a game- this is an amazing community of players and GMs who all create a living world! An incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling role play experience. Thanks, Game Theatre! - Chris

This was my first ever LARP event, and it has me hooked. Getting in character is easy and fun, having conversations with other characters or players is just as easy, the GMs and staff are readily available to help, and the players are some of the nicest people you could meet. You get excellent personal goals to pursue throughout the event, and team goals to bring you and fellow players together. I wholly recommend this event for experienced and beginner role players alike. - Michael

Dragon Thrones was one of the most magical experiences of my life and I will remember the stories told and the friends I made forever. It was my first LARP, and everyone was so inviting and accepting of new people. I met so many people who were in the same boat I was. Everyone jumped in and immersed themselves in the world of Cambria. The staff made it so easy! With characters written up for you to give you a jumping off point, and the beautiful campus of Bryn Mawr College which transports you directly in the realm of Cambria, there was no other choice! I just fell into character along with so many others. At the end of the last day, I felt as if I'd spent months with everyone and forged lasting bonds that I can't wait to renew next year! - Marley

Dragon Thrones was thrilling, enticing, surprising, exciting and every positive explicative I could use. Walking into an immersive land with fascinating characters, a realistic environment, and being surrounded by people committed to their roles wrapped around fascinating and challenging game playing at multiple levels exceeded all my expectations. As a fan of theater, a avid board gamer, and a curious LARPer (first timer for large event) this game theatre innovation is exactly like being in a reality adventure show without the cameras following me around. It is for first-timers and experienced role-players and board game devotees (strategy, cooperative, thematic, war, and many more). The challenge is how do you explain it to others without having a smile that won't go away. The best vacation I have had a long time! - Erich

My experience at Dragon Thrones was amazing, so much so that after the fact I was still reeling from the experience trying to remember and lock down every intimate detail like recording an epic movie in my mind. All of the story elements were intense and enthralling, the characters were fun to interact with an could switch from amusing to intense in a second. I was actually emotionally invested in every second of the game and acted like the stakes were real, the characters and their connections were real, this game was so insanely well written and in acted I could have sword I actually teleported to Cambria and became a new person. A fun game made by good people and full of good people all looking to have a great time in a fantasy world made of espionage, good entertainment, rad action scenes, the best wine and beer, amazing characters, and a great plot line! I'd recommend anyone interested in LARP go, new or old to the scene or just in general, there's no way you could regret it. - William

Dragon Thrones was my first LARP, and it was an experience I was simply unprepared for. I've gone to conventions for years, but this was something entirely new. Dragon Thrones' writers are extremely talented- as soon as I met the other Draconians of Ashbridge, there was a connection. As the game went on, guarding the door to our war room and standing around the war table, preforming moonlit rituals to gain knowledge, and overhearing others' plans to take down us and our allies- that connection deepened. We became like a family, and no other word can describe how I feel towards the people in my house, even people outside of my house. I love them all so much, even the ones who betrayed us, and I can't wait to see them again. FIRE MUST BE CONTROLLED. - Krystyna

Dragon Thrones continues to be a wonderful way to make new friends and connections with people who I otherwise would never have met. All of my DT friends are very precious to me, and the experiences I have gained from this game have been invaluable to me as a person. Dragon Thrones has been an important part of my life since the first event, and I look forward to all future events! - Krystyna

Being new to larping or even dressing up for Renn Faires I was a bit nervous entering Dragon Thrones. The game style, game masters and other players quickly made me feel at ease and allow d me to get into character! Have become a fan of larping and will definitely be there next year. - John

As a person new to LARPing, I was extremely intimidated at first. I didn't even know where to begin to look for costuming or what to expect during the event. The Game Theater and The Dragon Thrones Facebook community did an amazing job to ease my mind. Thanks to all the hard work from the event coordinators, GMs, and writers, Dragon Thrones exceeded my expectations. I had so much fun pretending to be someone else for an entire weekend, so much so that I didn't even have a chance to think about the "real world". I made so many new friends, and know many of them will be lifelong! - Katie

Dragon Thrones was an amazing experience, especially for a first-time LARPer. I definitely recommend this and am excited to have a brand new community to talk to and seek advice from. I will definitely be attending next year and hopefully many more years to come. - Rachael

The chance to be a king and have everyone call you 'Your majesty" isn't to be taken lightly. The weight of the realm lies on your shoulders, and your family looks to you for support. Live out a dream and move your armies, forge secret alliances with magic, and become the most revered house! - Terry

I loved dragon thrones. It's a great event for a first time LARPer. I liked how it was an opt-in event, so you could judge how much you wanted to do. I was little nervous on the first day, but by the second day, I was fully into my character and interacting with the world. that being said, the setting of Bryn Mawr was the perfect place for this event. The place bleed of history and made feel like you were in that time period. The dorms made this especially true. Would love nothing more than to be able to attend the next event. - Dominick

Dragon Thrones was a blast! From the time I showed up to Bryn Mawr, to the time that I left, I had an amazing time. All of the players made the characters and the world come to life. I encountered tons of plot twists and exciting happenings around every corner. I was 100% fully immersed in the land of Cambria and the story that was created for us throughout the entire weekend, and surely didn't want to go home at the end. Can't wait to come back next year and see what Castle Bryn Mawr has in store for us! - TJ

As a fan of tabletop games, costuming, and lore of all kinds, Dragon Thrones offered the chance to dive into a MegaGame with a rich story, while playing a customized character with unique contributions to make. This was my first LARP experience, and I was lucky to have been placed with an incredibly enthusiastic and passionate team of people. Together, we expanded upon and strengthened our Clan Gulph culture, shared exciting in-game adventures, and created a wonderful team dynamic. It was thrilling to step inside a beautiful new world, brought to life through the efforts of the Game Theater Team, writers, and players alike. I left Cambria with many new friends, great memories (and a taste for Mead) - I hope to return! (Thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks!! You are all amazing!) - Lauren

As a first time LARPer, I absolutely loved the experience of playing Dragon Thrones. People put so much time and effort into costumes and role playing their characters that it truly felt like walking into a fantasy world. My GM was phenomenal and worked hard to ensure everyone had a fantastic experience. I cannot wait to play again! - Jackie

Dragon Thrones is a seriously intimate, highly immersive Larp. The storytelling is done with finesse and sensitivity to the nuances of the player/characters. The locations are stunning and your sense of reality is truly suspended for three days. A great event if you are looking for theatrical quality Larps. - Julie

Some small part of me will always be off traveling the world of Cambria with the friends I made this past weekend. It was a heartfelt pleasure to play this game with everyone and create an exciting story together - Jessee I had never LARPed before and it was one if the most accepting and amazing experienced I've ever had. - Alexa

It was a spectacular experience unlike anything I've encountered before. I can't wait for the next event because you can bet I will be there. - Tristan

Dragon Thrones was an amazing experience for a first-time LARPer such as myself. There was so much to do and so many opportunities to participate in different experiences, I only wish I had been able to do everything! - Michelle Dragon Thrones was most definitely one of the most intense and exciting events (LARPing or otherwise) that I have ever participated in. - Kaitlyn

You guys really put on an amazing event! Being a first timer, I had no idea what to expect and this was an amazing learning experience for me as an individual and in the LARP community. I had tons of fun and learned so much that I could apply to my character and overall experience for next time. Thanks for all the endless hard work you put in to making this a great experience! - Allison