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Dragon Thrones

An Immersive Medieval Larp + Fantasy Gaming Experience  


Dragon Thrones

An Immersive Medieval Larp + Fantasy Gaming Experience  

Play DRAGON THRONES and Live to Tell the Tale!

July 7th - 9th 2017

Dragon Thrones is an immersive medieval fantasy weekend experience by The Game Theatre. "Game Theatre" is a new form of experiential interaction melding live action role-play (larp), board game (tabletop gaming), and interactive theater all together to create fascinating social and strategic adventures for everyone (no experience required).

We've crafted a new universe where rival Kingdoms are waging war over magical Dragon Thrones. Each throne is imbued with the power of an ancient Elder-Dragon, god-like beings who once ruled the realm of Cambria with their own race of dragon-human hybrids, the Draconians, while humanity remained their lowly subjects. However, following a momentous revolution, human armies vanquished the Draconians and inherited the vast powers infused within each Dragon Throne. 

Join us this July to become an influential and powerful figure for a fully inclusive weekend at one of the very few Castle Campuses in the Western Hemisphere. 

An All Inclusive Weekend

Our weekend packages are all-inclusive. All you have to do is join us at Castle Bryn Mawr!

  • 3 Days, 2 Nights at Castle Bryn Mawr
  • Special feature: majority of rooms are private (single occupancy), with no upgrade fee
  • 5 full meals, plus dine like nobility in the renowned Thomas Hall (campus food is rated in Top 10 in the county by campus reviews)
  • A customized character with unique personal, team, and global objectives, will be cast just for you!
  • Responsibilities within the global tactical and diplomatic MegaGame
  • The ability to make an impact on the realm through your own actions
  • A costume item that represents your Kingdom/Clan Team
  • Access into all interactive features and installations
  • Admission with your chosen group into the "Draconian Ancient Mage's Lair": the first ever designed Player v. Environment Escape Room
  • Access to all side quests taking place throughout the stone structures and picturesque grounds of the campus
  • Enjoy entertainment throughout the entire weekend, including: live music, dancing and other performance arts
  • Specialized training classes, including war strategy, diplomacy, dancing and more
  • Access to after hours events, including "Night Missions", the gold coin casino and Draconian Ball
  • A seat at the Grand Tourney, cheer your Kingdom's live-action fighting hero to victory!

As your customized character YOU will strive to achieve your various personal, team, and global objectives over an amazing weekend adventure!

Can House Lancaster trust this new and mysterious adviser?

Watch our Official Trailer!

Special Features

Similar to an all-inclusive vacation (just like a cruise), each package is put together individually for our weekend adventurers. This includes many things, and possible added features, that are easier to talk about over the phone or video chat, verses slapping a price range on the website. To covey Dragon Thrones' scope of design is not adequately done online, or a few minutes of video, let alone a ticket page. This is why we suggest contacting us so we can best communicate to you how this weekend of live role-play, gaming, and interactive theatrical adventuring can be customized to your interests. Our experiential and immersive larp and gaming experts are available to guide you. 

Dragon Thrones is a new realm of exploration that can be designed specifically for you. Game Theatre is an open design where the Game Directors will cast you into a role, and put together an experience, based on your own unique interests, background, and what new things you would like to try.

Archways 900x 398.jpg

The Castle

The Castle

The Location: Bryn Mawr College

Yes, you will play, tell a story, dine and be entertained in a College Castle right here in the United States!

Be be transported into an alternate Gothic realty to escape your everyday world through our towering portal at America's most stunning medieval campus, Bryn Mawr College. This historic campus has been long recognized as one of the nation's most beautiful. Set in a century-old suburb outside Philadelphia, it offers a reasonable commute from all points Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. It's a 2 hour drive from New York City and a 30 minute drive from the Philadelphia international airport. We hand selected the college for its majestic stone buildings, the first examples of an architectural style called "Collegiate Gothic". The grounds were laid out by the designers of Central Park and other campuses followed this style. The setting, accommodations, and amenities are perfect for an escapist weekend and reinforce the belief that locations can inspire games.


The Experience

The Experience

Experience Game Theatre

Game Theatre is a new social system uniquely combing larp with tabletop gaming mechanics, and interactive theatrical experiences, to create immersive adventures. With all lodging, meals, materials, and entertainment included all you have to do is pledge your loyalty to one of the grand human Kingdoms, or ancient Draconian Clans, and cast yourself off into a fascinating social realm. Ultimately, you will strive with your team to unite all the Dragon Thrones under your divine crown or, if Draconian, will attempt to overrun the realm with your Clan to once again rule the lands that were taken from your ancestors millennia ago. Game Theatre compels everyone to be engaged at all times. 

Unlike most summer escapes, there will be no lines, no hidden fees, no sunburns, and you will experience something that will teach you about yourself and what you are capable of, as we escort you out of the "norm". Rent a another beach house? Or, be cast as an important role, in an epic tale, taking place in historic Gothic grounds!

The Story

Obviously, Dragon Thrones is inspired by popular works of medieval fantasy fiction. You'll be cast into a epic tale that touches upon all of the special power points of the genre: rival Kingdom Houses, an ancient threat ("All in the realm are forewarned, from the south... Summer is Coming), and more! The weekend features war and peace, tragedy and victory, treachery and trust, and romance. We have a team of professional larp writers (some are graduates of the college itself) drafting a rich and original story just for you.

The MegaGame

In Dragon Thrones Kingdoms/Clans compete for global area control over a mapped realm. You'll be featured as an influential role with inspiring objectives for yourself and your team. A special feature is player casting -- you'll be assigned a custom role that's best suited for your background and interests. In Dragon Thrones, the personal choices you make, the votes you cast for your Kingdom/Clan team, and the new connections you find all impact the greater grand game. Dragon Thrones unites people from different backgrounds into one shared collaborative reality.

All in the realm be forewarned... Summer is Coming! 


The Spectacle

The Spectacle

Special Features

Dragon Thrones is an inclusive experience. The weekend will balance larp and a MegaGame, with interactive features and live performers, to create an new type of experience. First, you can interact with immersive installations to obtain clues about you or your team's destiny. Also, Dragon Thrones will feature the world's first "Player v. Environment" Escape Room, where the team you choose can enter a library to unlock a Lair filled with ancient Draconian Dark Magic to "level up" your own role and/or your team. Finally, we are casting talented performers to both engage with you and who will offer secret messages as "in game" characters. In Game Theatre, everything is a part of the journey.

What! A Larp Escape Room

Dragon Thrones will feature its own never-been-done Escape Room experience designed by the renowned Houdini's Escape Room team. you, and your selected team members, will enter a magical space -- the former den of a once powerful Draconian Mage who was sympathetic to the human cause and assisted with the rebellion. In this room (Bryn Mawr's hidden London Room study) you can find the secrets of dark Draconian magic. Should your tea unlock the secret of this magical den then you will receive great knowledge and influence to "level up" within the greater role-play story and overall game!

What would be a Medieval Weekend without mead and beer!

Our sponsor Stonekeep Meadery is Pennsylvania's first dedicated meadery . They produce handcrafted meads using traditional medieval recipes only. Stonekeep is proving to be an amazing partner. They will offer tastings, bottles of mead for prizes, will create a herbal mead to be used as an in game healing elixir, plus they have created the new and official Dragon Thrones Mead that can be obtained at Dragon Thrones and will be distributed nationally.

Also, we will be featuring beer from Rock Bottom Brewery, King of Prussia PA. We will having tastings and be serving beer with our catered dinner! We cannot thank both Stonekeep and Rock Bottom enough for their support!

We will begin to announce our line up of thematic in game performers soon!

Special Sponsor

We are very grateful to Jeff Mach Events for stepping aboard as a sponsor for Dragon Thrones. Jeff Mach event is one of the East Coast’s largest creators of unique events for geeks, Steampunks, Halloween-lovers, and other non-normal people.


They run the world’s largest indoor Renaissance Faire, the unbounded Wicked Faire and the world’s largest Steampunk event, The Steampunk World’s Fair. Their mission is to provide playgrounds for anyone who loves things that are unusual, creative, joyous, and different! Check out Jeff Mach Events on Facebook, or join the Jeff Mach Events Facebook group to keep track of upcoming events.