Dragon Thrones

The Immersive Medieval LARP + Fantasy Gaming Experience  


Dragon Thrones

The Immersive Medieval LARP + Fantasy Gaming Experience  


January 12th - 14th, 2018

Grey Towers at Arcadia University, minutes from Philadelphia

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Dragon Thrones is an immersive medieval fantasy weekend by The Game Theatre. "Game Theatre" is a new form of experiential entertainment combining live action role-play (LARP), tabletop and role-play gaming, and interactive theater to create fascinating social adventures for everyone (no experience required).

Dragon Thrones is an original realm where rival Kingdoms wage war to possess magical Dragon Thrones. Each throne is imbued with the power of an ancient Elder-Dragon, god-like creatures who once ruled the realm of Cambria with their own race of dragon-human hybrids, the Draconians, while humanity remained their subjects. However, following a momentous revolution, the human armies vanquished the Draconians and inherited the vast powers infused within each Dragon Throne. 

Video by Kaza Marie "LARP Girl" about her experience at Dragon Thrones.

Up next is Dragon Thrones 2. The weekend will be uniquely set in one of our grand Kingdoms. You will travel to the Iron Citadel of House Helfarian to battle an ancient evil mid-winter!

Logistical details:

Location: Arcadia University, Grey Towers, 450 S Easton Rd, Glenside, PA 19038. See the castle below!

Lodging: the brand new and well reviewed Holiday Inn, Ft. Washington - Philadelphia, PA. Shuttle between the hotel and castle will be provided. The hotel will provide high quality accommodations for our players. 

Just like our first location, the hotel is close to Philadelphia and a reasonable commute from all points northeast. It's a 34 minute drive from the Philadelphia Int'l Airport, an 80 minute train ride from the airport, and a 30 minute train ride from Philadelphia's 30th Street main train station. 


Dragon Thrones is always an "all inclusive" weekend. You receive a custom character (or replay your current character) and will be cast onto a unique team fitting your personality. The experience also includes a new hotel room, all meals, catered dinner, mead pours, live entertainment, photography, outdoor winter side quests, "Night Missions", plus after hours gaming! We take care of everything so you can socially adventure as someone new and fascinating for a weekend!

Event details:

  • Enjoy 3 days at one of the most thematic historical landmarks in the nation.

  • 2 nights at a new, state of the art hotel (private Wifi in every room, gaming lounge, breakfast buffet, shuttle to and from the castle provided, plus excellent customer service). Rooms are double occupancy (you can be paired with a partner, friend, or team member), plus single King bed room upgrades are available. You can upgrade to a single King room if desired. (High Ruler Packages automatically include King Room.)

  • All meals delivered to the castle (no dining hall), plus snack room with beverages/water and our signature Saturday night catered dinner in a glorious hall of magical mirrors with pours of mead (which too is magical).

  • As a returning player you can continue your adventures as your character, or you can take on a brand new role.

  • This is an "opt in" experience, pick and choose what features you enjoy and watch your choices effect the world of Dragon Thrones! These features include:

    • The global tactical and diplomatic MegaGame

    • Personal objectives you can achieve through your own independent decision making (with reward incentives given by GMs for completion)

    • A LARP Escape Room

    • Outdoor winter Side Quests to locate bonuses for your team

    • Our signature storytelling role-play game "Night Missions" played as a team in character

    • More “player run features” by High Rulers and Ladies/Lords

As your customized character you will strive to achieve your various personal, team, and global objectives over an amazing weekend adventure!

Dragon Thrones 2 also feature many upgrades!

 We read your feedback and reviewed all GM notes (we take this seriously). Here are some upgrades for DT2!

  • Streamlined Personal Objectives: you no longer 'trade' gems but will be 'awarded' items for completing objectives and creating awesome stories! Very open and creative role-play.

  • Expanded MegaGame: additional more strategic rounds with added time in between rounds for diplomacy and role-playing.

  • More detailed MegaGame with all new unique units and map locations.

  • Villain/Traitor "Opt In": players choose if they want to be a villain, and we have exciting new 'evil' roles! (To be announced closer to the event)

  • Tech upgrade: we have new, custom software for even faster GM communication!

In addition to the Objectives and MegaGame...

  • Team Missions (Official "Night Missions") will be on the schedule to create team bonding and important results in the greater story.

  • Winter side quests -- keep warm in your costumes and attempt side quests in the frozen tundra!

  • More player run features! We will drastically increase player run features as a source of engagement and entertainment outside of the game rounds.

 New comforts...

  • New and modern hotel accommodations included, plus a shuttle to and from the castle -- just check into the hotel and we take care of everything for the weekend.

  • No dining hall: breakfast will be at the hotel and all other meals (lunch and dinner) will be served in the castle.

Other Upgrades...

  • Photography: everyone will be photographed in all their costume glory on the majestic great hall stairway. We want posed shots of everyone alone, with their partners, friends, and with their team. Everyone will be center stage at DT2.

  • In House kitchen: we have a kitchen for snacks, beverages, water bottles etc. If you need to step "out of the experience" and relax we have a private space and adjoined kitchen for that.

The preliminary weekend schedule will be released soon!


The Castle

The Castle

Grey Towers, Arcadia University

  • 450 S Easton Rd, Glenside, PA 19038
  • View the interactive campus map HERE.
  • Read about the majestic history of this "elegant and eclectic" histical landmark American Castle HERE.

Grey Towers is, simply put, one of the most beautiful and well preserved 19th century castle inspired mansions in the country. The below galley only hints at how magical this historical landmark looks and feels when you enter. The first set of photographs are mostly professional shots taken during warmer months (so you get a clearer picture of what the castle looks like), but we've included some amateur winter photographs to display how thematic the castle can be in the winter months. 

Also included are photographs of the grand stairway, a few shots of the common rooms and ballrooms -- a true citadel of mirrors! Plus, there are a few photographs of the stables (which has a courtyard, not shown here), and of course the many gargoyles that adorn the intricate exterior of Grey Towers.

Welcome to the Iron Citadel of the north!


The Story

The Story

Dragon Thrones 2: The War for Snowdonia

At the first Dragon Thrones weekend High Rulers and other prominent personages of the Human Kingdoms and Draconian Blood Clans held a summit, the first such contact between the two races in hundreds of years. This rare meeting was held at Castle Bryn Mawr -- The Citadel of Mirrors. The Houses and Clans had consented to meet at Castle Bryn Mawr due to its magic: its mirrors would reflect any attempted physical attack back onto the attacker, thus injuring (or even killing) the aggressor and not their target. This magical power ensured that those of influence and importance could negotiate, or conduct war, while still under the protection of the mirrors. Indeed grand battles were fought throughout the realm, heated negotiations were had, major diplomatic decisions were made, alliances were established (and broken), rituals were held, and the landscape of Cambria was changed, forever...

(To read more about the Teams and Lore of Dragon Thrones visit our Team Page).

The first Dragon Thrones weekend culminated with all Kingdoms and Clans, human and Draconian alike, facing the gravest of threats. Following a ceremony to resurrect a hero Elder Dragon (that could have possibly brought some semblance of stability to Cambria) dark forces within the manipulated cult of Karakung sabatoged the ceremony to give rise to a Mega Dragon, a creature that wanted total eradication of both humans and Draconians from the realm. Uniting their forces together the human and Draconian armies were able to heroically slay the Mega Dragon, but not without significant losses and costs.

The energy of the shattered Mega Dragon resulted in two tragedies to befall Cambria. First, many of the protective mirrors of Bryn Mawr were shattered. Beyond their protective power, it's rumored that the mirrors imprisoned a vile ancient criminal (whose crimes were committed upon humanity even before the arrival of the Elder Dragons a millennia ago). This prisoner was allegedly able to escape following the shattering of his mirrored prison. The High Rulers of Cambria are now feverishly consulting with their advisers and seers. "Is this tale of true? Could this evil have been released?" Second, it has been verified by brave scouts that the energy of the shattered Mega Dragon tore a whole in the north wall, the very wall that was built at the first Dragon Thrones summit! This has opened a means of passage for dark entities, even more unknown to man than the Draconians were prior to the first meeting at Bryn Mawr, to enter Cambria proper.

Has an ancient evil of Cambria been released from his prison of mirrors?

Who is controlling the noises heard through the blizzard sheets of snow and ice at the broken north wall?

The resourceful Helfarians rescued many of the mirrors from Bryn Mawr and have installed them in their Iron Citadel as protection. Within the Citadel everyone is safe. However, like Wyndon before to the south, the Helfarians now have a duty to protect the realm from seemingly horrible things that, at the present, can only be heard but not seen.

Will you accept the Halfarians call to arms and join them? 

Will you then remain true to your promise to support their defense of the realm?

Or, do you see a means of taking advantage of this crisis for your own personal gain?

Will the Draconians pledge support to the Kingdoms in any way? What is the new Draconian agenda?

Winter is upon you all...

Note to new players: Dragon Thrones is heavily written and detailed oriented. We will have clear and impressive reasons to introduce your new character and you will be cast onto the team that is the best fit for you.




What! A LARP Escape Room

Dragon Thrones was the first LARP to ever feature an Escape Room experience. The Escape Room for the first Dragon Thrones was designed by the renowned Houdini's Escape Room team. You and your team will enter a secret room where you will use your knowledge of the the events surrounding the Dragon Thrones 2, plus your knowledge of lore and magic, to employ your analytical, problem solving, and team work skills to solve the mystery of the LARP Escape Room! There is a new Escape Room for each weekend, so returning players will face a new challenge.

What would be a Medieval Weekend without Mead!

Our sponsor Stonekeep Meadery is Pennsylvania's first dedicated meadery. They produce handcrafted meads using traditional medieval recipes only. Stonekeep continues to be a key partner and we know that their Dragon Thrones Hibiscus Elixir, plus other flavors, are in high demand. It just would not be Dragon Thrones without their mead!

More features to be announced over the coming weeks!




Dragon Thrones Player Testimonials


Dragon Thrones was hands down one of the coolest experiences I've ever had in my life. It was worth traveling across the country for and I would do it again! The story tellers, GMs, and the community it attracted were all top notch. I was completely immersed in my character and the story but yet I knew others who had fun doing the various side activities or playing the war game. I also really enjoyed the classes-learning a medieval dance while whispering court secrets is not something you get to do everyday. The whole weekend was super "opt in" so you could either experience as much or as little intensity as you liked. The lodgings were comfortable and the setting (basically a castle) were beautiful. I also felt that everyone in production has a genuine desire and passion to make it even bigger and better next year (hopefully next year!). There isn't an option to leave a review but if I could 5/5! Can't wait to return to the Citadel of Mirrors.

- Westbrooke


Dragon Thrones was my first LARP, and it was an experience I was simply unprepared for. I've gone to conventions for years, but this was something entirely new. Dragon Thrones' writers are extremely talented- as soon as I met the other Draconians of Ashbridge, there was a connection. As the game went on, guarding the door to our war room and standing around the war table, preforming moonlit rituals to gain knowledge, and overhearing others' plans to take down us and our allies- that connection deepened. We became like a family, and no other word can describe how I feel towards the people in my house, even people outside of my house. I love them all so much, even the ones who betrayed us, and I can't wait to see them again.


- Krystyna


I have so many things to say.

This was my first LARP. I've been too busy with career for the past 6 years to seek one out, and so have been living vicariously through Youtube. When I saw this one at Bryn Mawr, it looked perfect: accessible, familiar, with a variety of gaming experiences and structure for first-timers. I also loved the board game strategy aspect.

Although I'm very familiar with Bryn Mawr's campus (I went to Haverford College and took 30% of my classes at BMC), seeing it as a Medieval setting gave me a newfound appreciation for its beauty. The campus is very accommodating, the staff enjoyed our costumes, and the new dorm is FANTASTIC. What a perfect location.

The writers did a brilliant job creating our characters. Each was so perfectly suited to its player, and I fell in love with the fictional Brotherhood (now Republic!) of Yarrow. I'm not giving up Helaine of the Endwalls for anything.

This was a stellar experience, especially for a first run. My only complaint is the duration. I wanted another day of spying, intrigue, and building contracts!

I love this game. 

- Rachel


Dragon Thrones may have ruined role-play for me! Nothing else will ever be as satisfying, immersive, and intense! I will be recommending this LARP to my RP groups! 

- Chris


Dragon Thrones was one of the most magical experiences of my life and I will remember the stories told and the friends I made forever. It was my first LARP, and everyone was so inviting and accepting of new people. I met so many people who were in the same boat I was. Everyone jumped in and immersed themselves in the world of Cambria. The staff made it so easy! With characters written up for you to give you a jumping off point, and the beautiful campus of Bryn Mawr College which transports you directly in the realm of Cambria, there was no other choice! I just fell into character along with so many others. At the end of the last day, I felt as if I'd spent months with everyone and forged lasting bonds that I can't wait to renew next year!

- Marley


Dragon Thrones was thrilling, enticing, surprising, exciting and every positive explicative I could use. Walking into an immersive land with fascinating characters, a realistic environment, and being surrounded by people committed to their roles wrapped around fascinating and challenging game playing at multiple levels exceeded all my expectations. As a fan of theater, a avid board gamer, and a curious LARPer (first timer for large event) this game theatre innovation is exactly like being in a reality adventure show without the cameras following me around. It is for first-timers and experienced role-players and board game devotees (strategy, cooperative, thematic, war, and many more). The challenge is how do you explain it to others without having a smile that won't go away. The best vacation I have had a long time!

- Erich

My experience at Dragon Thrones was amazing, so much so that after the fact I was still reeling from the experience trying to remember and lock down every intimate detail like recording an epic movie in my mind. All of the story elements were intense and enthralling, the characters were fun to interact with an could switch from amusing to intense in a second. I was actually emotionally invested in every second of the game and acted like the stakes were real, the characters and their connections were real, this game was so insanely well written and in acted I could have sword I actually teleported to Cambria and became a new person. A fun game made by good people and full of good people all looking to have a great time in a fantasy world made of espionage, good entertainment, rad action scenes, the best wine and beer, amazing characters, and a great plot line! I'd recommend anyone interested in LARP go, new or old to the scene or just in general, there's no way you could regret it.

- William


Being new to larping or even dressing up for Renn Faires I was a bit nervous entering Dragon Thrones. The game style, game masters and other players quickly made me feel at ease and allow d me to get into character! Have become a fan of larping and will definitely be there next year...go house Wyndon!

- John


As a person new to LARPing, I was extremely intimidated at first. I didn't even know where to begin to look for costuming or what to expect during the event. The Game Theater and The Dragon Thrones Facebook community did an amazing job to ease my mind. Thanks to all the hard work from the event coordinators, GMs, and writers, Dragon Thrones exceeded my expectations. I had so much fun pretending to be someone else for an entire weekend, so much so that I didn't even have a chance to think about the "real world". I made so many new friends, and know many of them will be lifelong!

- Katie


Dragon Thrones was my first LARP so I was very nervous going into it but it turned out I had nothing to worry about because everyone that I met (unless their character was supposed to be mean) was so nice and helpful and everyone just helped my experience. The staff was so helpful and even though there were a few they still did a lot to help. I have no doubt that next year that it it will be even better then the first time.

- Hannah


Dragon Thrones was an amazing experience, especially for a first-time LARPer. I definitely recommend this and am excited to have a brand new community to talk to and seek advice from. I will definitely be attending next year and hopefully many more years to come.

- Rachael


The chance to be a king and have everyone call you 'Your majesty" isn't to be taken lightly. The weight of the realm lies on your shoulders, and your family looks to you for support. Live out a dream and move your armies, forge secret alliances with magic, and become the most revered house!

- Terry


I had such an amazing experience at Dragon Thrones. As a GM, I learned so much. The different houses bonded so closely and it was rewarding to be a real part of that. The hired entertainers were also briefed on what was going on; they were really part of the event in an integral way. My team greatly appreciated that and we enjoyed interacting with one of the bards and of course our heroic champion.

- Tara


I loved dragon thrones. It's a great event for a first time LARPer. I liked how it was an opt-in event, so you could judge how much you wanted to do. I was little nervous on the first day, but by the second day, I was fully into my character and interacting with the world. that being said, the setting of Bryn Mawr was the perfect place for this event. The place bleed of history and made feel like you were in that time period. The dorms made this especially true. Would love nothing more than to be able to attend the next event.

- Dominick


Dragon Thrones was a blast! From the time I showed up to Bryn Mawr, to the time that I left, I had an amazing time. All of the players made the characters and the world come to life. I encountered tons of plot twists and exciting happenings around every corner. I was 100% fully immersed in the land of Cambria and the story that was created for us throughout the entire weekend, and surely didn't want to go home at the end. Can't wait to come back next year and see what Castle Bryn Mawr has in store for us!

- TJ


As a fan of tabletop games, costuming, and lore of all kinds, Dragon Thrones offered the chance to dive into a MegaGame with a rich story, while playing a customized character with unique contributions to make. This was my first LARP experience, and I was lucky to have been placed with an incredibly enthusiastic and passionate team of people. Together, we expanded upon and strengthened our Clan Gulph culture, shared exciting in-game adventures, and created a wonderful team dynamic. It was thrilling to step inside a beautiful new world, brought to life through the efforts of the Game Theater Team, writers, and players alike. I left Cambria with many new friends, great memories (and a taste for Mead) - I hope to return!

(Thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks!! You are all amazing!)

- Lauren


Some small part of me will always be off traveling the world of Cambria with the friends I made this past weekend. It was a heartfelt pleasure to play this game with everyone and create an exciting story together.

- Jessee


I had never LARPed before and it was one if the most accepting and amazing experienced I've ever had.

- Alexa


It was a spectacular experience unlike anything I've encountered before. I can't wait for the next event because you can bet I will be there.

- Tristan


Dragon Thrones was an amazing experience for a first-time LARPer such as myself. There was so much to do and so many opportunities to participate in different experiences, I only wish I had been able to do everything!

- Michelle


Dragon Thrones was most definitely one of the most intense and exciting events (LARPing or otherwise) that I have ever participated in.

- Kaitlyn