Coming This Winter!

In this new event by The Game Theatre, players take on the roles of the greatest heroes of the Dragon Thrones world! Players can play a pre-existing character or attend as someone completely new in this player VS the environment VS player experience. Unlike the traditional Dragon Thrones event, Dragon Thrones: Heroes is focused on the individual stories of the player characters as well as an overarching enemy force that is attacking our world. In order to succeed, players from all different factions will have to team up, create a plan, and stop this other-worldly power before it’s too late! 

ThE Winter Lore begins…

The Forces of Chaos and the otherworldly Ancient Gods of Old have returned to the world, now pressing through the wards and protections that were once there. Coming through the same portals opened by the so-called “Omnipotent One”, the all-powerful, all-knowing golden dragon who was forcefully defeated only 6 months ago by the forces of all the realm - these new enemies are more ancient and deadlier than any of the world’s heroes have ever seen before. 

Calling for assistance from all realms, the Wizard King of Airdale, calls all those who protect the realm to aid all life in Mori Mindon, The Dark Tower on the northern border of Aberdar. They have been life’s last defense between the forces of Chaos and the realms below for thousands of years. It’s been nearly that long since Chaos has been seen beyond a few stray beasts. After The Omnipotent One broke the seal, the prophecy began to unfold. 

It was foretold that Chaos could never be truly destroyed, unless the source, in the realms of Cchaos itself were destroyed. And so the fears of the normal living have come to pass. Ancient beings of great power and great evil have called out, letting the living realms know that their times are nearly up. 

And so, the first Ancient being of grotesque power has breached our realm and their forces begin to amass to the north. Sending armies takes time, and the armies of all the realms march forth, however, it may be too late. Only the elite of the elite, the Heroes of the Realms can journey forth across, quickly dispatching this evil, travel into its dimension, and put Chaos and the Ancient Gods of Old to rest for all time. It’s up to you now hero… in Dragon Thrones: Heroes! 


Dates: Friday January 3rd - Sunday January 5th, 2020, with ‘special’ Thursday January 2nd Tabletop Roleplaying and Larp Adventure upgrade (only 20 seats available for this pre-game experience).

Location: Grey Towers Castle, Arcadia University, 450 South Easton Road, Glenside, PA 19038.

America’s Castle! Historical LINK

Lodging: Holiday Inn & Suites, 432 Pennsylvania Ave., Forth Washington, PA 19034.

Nearly 5 Star rating after 1000 reviews!

what to expect!

An Epic Weekend of Larping and Interactive Theatrical Gaming in the most thematic Castle location in the United States! Plus, a Player vs. Environment Megagame!

Return as your Role from past Dragon Thrones or assume a new Role for this Amazing Mid-Winter Adventure!

Expect many interactive features in an intimate Winter setting, including:

  • Live Action Role-Play

  • Table-top Role-Play Gaming

  • Theatrical Interactive Gaming

  • Player vs. Monster Combat Quests

  • Live Acts & Performances and more!

All meals are included! Breakfast at the hotel and then all meals are catered at the Castle, including two lavish dinners Friday and Saturday night!

Grey Towers is Dragon Thrones’ “second home” and players who have attended our events at this Castle know that is a location that special for all of us.

Our creative team from Dragon Thrones 4 have all committed to assist with Dragon Thrones: Heroes!

Enjoy the comforts of a hotel out for game with complimentary breakfast.

The ticket packages!

Tickets start at:

  • $595 Traveling Hero (for commuter / no hotel room included)

  • $695 All-inclusive Hero (hotel room double occupancy)

  • $795 Limited Single-room all-inclusive Hero

  • ADD ON $295 to any ticket for early arrival Thursday RPG adventures at the hotel (see below).

special limited HEROES Thursday Add On!

We are offering early arrival and special Thursday afternoon into evening RPG Missions and Questing that will set the stage for the Castle Adventure to come for the weekend. Early Questers will enjoy a catered dinner at the hotel and hours of interactive gaming. A exceptional Game Master Team will lead adventures in multiple rooms at the hotel simultaneously!

This pre-event special feature is a $295 add-on and includes your hotel room for the early arrival, dinner, and gaming. Early Questing add-ons are very limited.

Ticket Type 1: THE ALL-INCLUSIVE HERO! Paid in full tickets have no additional fees.

No refunds after Oct 1, 2019.

Ticket Type 2: THE ALL-INCLUSIVE HERO! Half down payment. This is for half the ticket rate with the remainder of the ticket being due on or before Friday December 6th, 2019. We can easily arrange for the second payment to be made online or by phone.

THE ALL-INCLUSIVE HERO Down Payment (50% of Ticket + Fees)
No refunds on partial payments

Ticket Type 3: THE COMMUTER HERO! For local players who do not wish to book the hotel we offer a no room ticket.

No refunds after Oct 1, 2019.

ADD-ON ADVENTURE! Arrive to the hotel early on Thursday January 2nd for an extra night and enjoy a special pre-event RPG and interactive gaming afternoon and evening to set the stage for the Castle experience to follow that weekend. This is not standalone ticket, this is an upgrade for Ticket Types 1 or 2 above. If the purchaser does not have Ticket Type 1 or 2 above then they do not qualify for this add-on.


With your ticket purchase you agree to these conditions:

Ticket Policies: partial 50% payments are non-refundable as all proceeds go towards event production. Tickets purchased at full-price are refundable before October 1, 2019, thereafter full-price ticket purchases cannot be refunded. Thank you for your support and understanding of the time, effort, and costs that go into our productions.

Any questions or issues? Text us at: (917) 399-8711

WhY is Winter Special?

The different seasons allows us all to grow in different ways. Whereas in the Summer Dragon Thrones is about the ‘Mega’ of gaming, the vastness of looking outward and adventuring in the warm weather, Winter is different, it’s more intimate and is all about collaborative gaming. Additionally, there are some nice features that are available to us in the winter, including exceptional hotel accommodations, lavish food and scenery, and incomparable photography.

Common Questions & Answers

What is the general schedule (start & end)? A: The event begins Friday afternoon, with early afternoon hotel check in. We will open the Castle around 3pm and Friday play will run late into the evening. We will then return to the Castle on Saturday for a complete day-into-night adventure and will end Castle play at or after midnight. Then, there will be debriefs and light gaming Sunday at the Hotel.

If you purchased the Thursday hotel gaming add-on then you will arrive Thursday and we will have RPG and interactive gaming adventures day into night before the weekend begins.

Are there any High Ruler Tickets? A: There are no High Ruler Tickets for this event, however all players who have purchased High Ruler tickets at prior Dragon Thrones can reprise their High Ruler role from past events. New High Ruler tickets will be available for Dragon Thrones 5 Summer 2020. We want to thank all of our past High Rulers for their support by offering them standard pricing for Heroes!

How does this event relate to Dragon Thrones 4 this past July and Dragon Thrones 5 coming Summer 2020? A: Heroes! is a massive side-quest adventure that is about your role working with other characters. Some lore from Dragon Thrones 4 will carry over to Dragon Thrones 5 next summer. However, Heroes! will be one Epic Weekend of saving the Realm against the darkest forces that only come out in Winter!

Are there shuttles to and from the Hotel and Castle? A: There will be no shuttles. we learned the shuttles cause more issues than they solve. Players have different schedules and the shuttles ended up not being the best use of time. The Castle is less than a 7 minute drive from the hotel and we are confident player and staff ride shares will work well for everyone.