The Event

Please define "Game Theatre"

The Game Theatre is an immersive gaming and live role-play entertainment company. They are the creators of an interactive experience called “Game Theatre”. Game Theatre is a specialized event system combining live action role-play (larp), board game and social game designs, plus interactive and improvisational theatre to create memorable social adventures.

In Game Theatre players are "cast" into character roles that meet their interest and desired level of involvement. Everyone is also given meaningful objectives that create compelling socialization and story-line progression. Game Theatre utilizes a tier-based player objective design where players each have personal (individual), team (collaborative, or faction vs. faction) and global (entire game) objectives. This tiered system is strategically employed so players can pursue different courses of action but always have measurable influence on the game. It works for experienced players and new players alike!

What is Dragon Thrones?

Dragon Thrones is an immersive and interactive weekend experience set in an original fantasy realm inspired by popular medieval and fantasy fiction worlds we all know and love. Thematic spectator entertainment, catered dinner + meals, historical surroundings, and lodging is all inclusive. Game-play includes both a personal and team-oriented social role-play objectives combined with a MegaGame (a massively scaled board game with global implications).

It’s like a medieval fantasy larp meets one large game of Risk and you live within the game!


What does my ticket purchase get me?

Simply put: an all-inclusive experiential medieval fantasy adventure! Your ticket provides you with lodging, meals, casting into the game with your role and materials, live entertainment, access to interactive features, photography, scheduled festivities, plus the ability to be a part of an epic story! Due to the fact that players have different characters, are of different shapes and sizes, and have different degrees of what they consider as personal comfort costuming is not provided. However, we are happy to advise on affordable costuming options for new players.

We believe the value of Dragon Thrones is superior to weekend conventions. At conventions you are responsible for the convention ticket, and then must also pay for your hotel, meals, drinks, possibly parking, and then tickets to other features and events at the convention. With Dragon Thrones, just like a vacation cruise, everything is all inclusive. 

Important: tickets are non-refundable. This is because once a ticket is purchased that reserves the room with the college and a role in the event. Dragon Thrones is a large production so ticket proceeds are used to help build and pay for the event to make it as special as possible for all players. Therefore, payments in full or partial payments are not refundable. If you are not yet certain if you can attend Dragon Thrones contact us, let us know you are interested and when would be the best time for you to make a decision. That is the best solution for someone who needs more time.

Design Details

What kind of LARP is this and are beginners welcome?

Dragon Thrones is fantasy Game Theatre experience that uses social interaction/social deduction gaming, a MegaGame (massive tactical board game), storytelling role-play gaming and side quests to resolve conflicts and progress the story. There no direct player on player combat, rather the overall game relies on social maneuvering, resourcefulness, alliances, adventurous decision-making, and player versus environment for competitiveness. Although large in scale the game’s rules are streamlined and easy to master: your role will have very specific responsibilities and precise times in which your actions can be taken. Dragon Thrones is an engaging social experience for both experienced role-players and novices alike. The game will be properly staffed and organized, so everyone will progress in the story at a staged pace.

With this said, there will be means of independent exploration that will allow players to both be involved in the global game and also pursue their own personal objectives. Dragon Thrones will provide simple guides before the weekend begins for player review, but reviewing instructional materials is options. Brief sessions will be held the first day before the experience begins to properly on-board and prepare all players. There is no homework with Dragon Thrones.

Describe the large board game and how does it work with a larp?

Dragon Thrones features a massive tactical board game, classified as a MegaGame, where the objective is for a Family Kingdom Team to attain global supremacy (while also working with other Kingdoms to keep dangerous outside threats at bay). This can be achieved by gaining territory, defending territory, using resources wisely, spying, and making the right alliances at the right times. The game will be administered over a series of rounds over 3 days. Hence, this is a game for over one hundred players that's played both "at and away from the table." Everyone will be contributing differently, so the game will feel like an entire world, featuring armies of thousands. For example, Generals will have board game (war game) responsibility, while others will have social objectives (diplomacy, courtship etc.), while others will be managing vital resources (coin masters) or even assigned as secret spies on missions. 

The large board game is “opt in”. There are a large number of players who choose to not be involved with this feature and are rather more invested in other types of social interaction and adventuring.

How does the live entertainment influence Dragon Thrones?

As an encompassing entertainment experience Dragon Thrones features live entertainment, both as sensory enjoyment and to add further implications into the game itself. In Dragon Thrones you will not be merely watching an act, but performers will have special roles that fit into the overall story. Every performer is not just "on stage" but also "in game."

Photographs & Video

If you sign up for our events you accept our photo & video policy. It’s very simple. We have photographers and sometimes a video crew at the events. Sometimes we have outside media visiting. That means that you may appear in pictures or video. We’ll be respectful about it, of course, but mention it here so there’s no misunderstandings later. Any participant who attends our events consents to being photographed and featured in video.  Photographs and video are important to capture the magical moments at our events and, most importantly, offer our participants memories of their amazing role-play, friends, and costumes forever.