Bryn Mawr College and Sir Thomas Hall

America's Gothic Porthole!

At Bryn Mawr College Dragon Thrones transports players into an alternate Gothic realty. This historic campus has been long recognized as one of the nation's most beautiful. Set in a century-old suburb outside Philadelphia, Dragon Thrones was the first LARP-inspired event to hand selected this college for its majestic stone buildings, the first examples of an architectural style called "Collegiate Gothic". The grounds were laid out by the designers of Central Park and other campuses followed this style. The setting, accommodations, and amenities are perfect for an escapist weekend and prove that that locations can inspire games.


The Mysterious Grey Towers

America's Signature Castle Mansion!

Grey Towers is, simply put, one of the most beautiful and well preserved 19th century castle inspired mansions outside of Europe. Read about the majestic history of this "elegant and eclectic" historical landmark HERE. The below gallery only hints at how magical this location looks and feels when you enter. The first set of photographs are mostly professional shots taken during warmer months, but we've included some amateur winter photographs to display how thematic the Castle can be in the winter months as well. Also included interior shots plus photographs of the stables and the many gargoyles that adorn the intricate exterior of Grey Towers. This is a true Citadel of Mirrors!