Dragon Thrones 2: The War for Snowdonia

At the first Dragon Thrones weekend High Rulers and other prominent personages of the Human Kingdoms and Draconian Blood Clans held a summit, the first such contact between the two races in hundreds of years. This rare meeting was held at Castle Bryn Mawr -- The Citadel of Mirrors. The Houses and Clans had consented to meet at Castle Bryn Mawr due to its magic: its mirrors would reflect any attempted physical attack back onto the attacker, thus injuring (or even killing) the aggressor and not their target. This magical power ensured that those of influence and importance could negotiate, or conduct war, while still under the protection of the mirrors. Indeed grand battles were fought throughout the realm, heated negotiations were had, major diplomatic decisions were made, alliances were established (and broken), rituals were held, and the landscape of Cambria was changed, forever...

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The first Dragon Thrones weekend culminated with all Kingdoms and Clans, human and Draconian alike, facing the gravest of threats. Following a ceremony to resurrect a hero Elder Dragon (that could have possibly brought some semblance of stability to Cambria) dark forces within the manipulated cult of Karakung sabatoged the ceremony to give rise to a Mega Dragon, a creature that wanted total eradication of both humans and Draconians from the realm. Uniting their forces together the human and Draconian armies were able to heroically slay the Mega Dragon, but not without significant losses and costs.

The energy of the shattered Mega Dragon resulted in two tragedies to befall Cambria. First, many of the protective mirrors of Bryn Mawr were shattered. Beyond their protective power, it's rumored that the mirrors imprisoned a vile ancient criminal (whose crimes were committed upon humanity even before the arrival of the Elder Dragons a millennia ago). This prisoner was allegedly able to escape following the shattering of his mirrored prison. The High Rulers of Cambria are now feverishly consulting with their advisers and seers. "Is this tale of true? Could this evil have been released?" Second, it has been verified by brave scouts that the energy of the shattered Mega Dragon tore a whole in the north wall, the very wall that was built at the first Dragon Thrones summit! This has opened a means of passage for dark entities, even more unknown to man than the Draconians were prior to the first meeting at Bryn Mawr, to enter Cambria proper.

Has an ancient evil of Cambria been released from his prison of mirrors?

Who is controlling the noises heard through the blizzard sheets of snow and ice at the broken north wall?

The resourceful Helfarians rescued many of the mirrors from Bryn Mawr and have installed them in their Iron Citadel as protection. Within the Citadel everyone is safe. However, like Wyndon before to the south, the Helfarians now have a duty to protect the realm from seemingly horrible things that, at the present, can only be heard but not seen.

Will you accept the Halfarians call to arms and join them? 

Will you then remain true to your promise to support their defense of the realm?

Or, do you see a means of taking advantage of this crisis for your own personal gain?

Will the Draconians pledge support to the Kingdoms in any way? What is the new Draconian agenda?

Winter is upon you all...

Note to new players: Dragon Thrones is heavily written and detailed oriented. We will have clear and impressive reasons to introduce your new character and you will be cast onto the team that is the best fit for you.