Archetype Roles

Dragon Thrones employs simple player role classification which allows you to become an impacting character without ever having to read a rulebook or design document. The roles are divided between MegaGame Roles that can interact with war and diplomacy game and Storyteller Roles for players who simply wish to further engaging plots outside of the battles in the realm. Dragon Thrones is always an opt-in experience so you are free to choose how you would like to play and what actions you are excited to take.

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Skilled in the fighting arts: 

  • Archer (ranged hero)

  • Berserker (strength hero)

  • Knight (sword-master hero)

  • Warlock (warrior mage hero)





Learned practitioners: 

  • Alchemist (compounds -- upgrades units)

  • Architect / Engineer (map builder)

  • Druid (nature -- healer)

  • Mage (wizardry -- teacher)




Prime decision makers:

  • Commander (general of land units)

  • Corsair (navigation / ships)

  • Diplomat (negotiations -- grand communicator)

  • Minister (coin-master / treasurer)



Information and Resource gatherers:

  • Assassin / Bounty Hunter (tracker)

  • Racketeer (black market)

  • Ranger (scout)

  • Rogue (infiltrator)

Storyteller Roles

These roles are not directly involved in the war gaming, they instead engage in social forays for themselves, their team and the greater realm.


The RomanticS

  • For players who desire to pursue passionate story-lines of high drama.

The PhilosopherS

  • For players who want to assume a religious or theoretical role to seek converts and advance thinking.

The OratorS

  • A self-motivated political role, for players who seek to be revolutionaries to advance new politics and global policies.

The BardS

  • The loner artist, comedian, trickster, one who travels the realm following their own path.