Centuries ago the Elder Dragons came to the lands of Cambria as a great calamity. They fell from the sky as burning meteors, crashing into the earth of what is now known as the Firelands. There they burrowed deep underground, creating the hellish fire pits of the south. Animals and plants alike became twisted and warped by their mere presence. Thereafter, they corrupted chosen humans and animals into loyal dragonspawn, known as the Draconians, with which they began conquering the lands and kingdoms of the unprepared humankind north of the Firelands. Eventually all of the realm of Cambria fell under their dominion. 

Four notable Elder Dragons:

Vermithrax “The Destroyer”


He was the most widely feared by humans, and revered by Draconians, of the Elder Dragons. He was crowned King of the Cambria and Lord of the Elder Dragons for, what most of his Elder peers believed to be his wisdom and unsurpassed ability to breathe fire. He regularly flew forth from the Firelands with his legions of Draconians under his shadow to conquer and corrupt. Humankind only spoke of his unsurpassed cruelty and malice. However, history is written by its victors. According to Blood of Vermithrax, if the other Elder Dragons and Draconians would have listened to every instruction issued by their leader they would all still be ruling the realm to this day. Some historians believe that his iron clawed rule lead to overconfidence and the demise of the Elder Dragons and their Draconians. Others say the demise of the Elder Dragons was inevitable, as their meddling with a species such as humans was never meant to be and, despite generations of successful dominion, the odds were always that disaster would eventually happen. However, Blood of Vemrithrax still unquestioningly believes that if it were not for the courage and valor of their leader to attack endless waves of human armies first, no Draconian would have survived the human revolution, making him the ultimate hero to those who worshiped him (and even to those who strayed from him towards the message of Gitrix). Traditionalist Draconians view him as their true God, while progressive Draconians see him as a symptom of the flaws within the Elder Dragon structure of rule.



He held out the longest during the human revolution, and was the most skilled of the pure warrior Dragons. Although all Elder Dragons could breathe fire, Charis had such strong breath that he could muster a channel of fire-less wind that could level entire armies, or even better yet, alter the weather to bring about storms. It’s Draconian lore to this day that the storms that still pummel Cambria’s western coastline and weather cycles were caused by Charis generations ago. It’s also known that Charis hated politics, and cared only for his Draconians. He saved the lives of thousands of them by holding off the human armies so that a clan of Draconians, who grew incredibly tired of war, could escape to the deepest reaches of the Zareen desert, away from the Firelands and the traditional Elder Dragon ways. In an interesting political maneuver, House Ardmore failed to attack the retreating clan, even though they were in the best position to do so. Thereafter, in the desert, the Blood of Ashbridge was formed, bridging the ash of fire with the world. 



She was a vast beast of seemingly endless coils. Flightless, her thrashing tail created the broken shores of the Firelands that lie beneath the Pall just as her blood spawned the first of the leviathans that still haunt those waters. Karakung was a weak fire breather but her tail possessed such power that a single thrashing swing upon the ground could cause a deep splicing of earth, an earthquake even, that could consume entire armies and level even the strongest of fortifications. Karakung also believed that the Elder Dragon’s rule as being dangerous to both dragons and their draconian children kind. She believed that the Elder Dragons accomplished their goals and should empower the Draconians to become living Gods over humankind. According to Karakung, the Elder Dragons should have left Cambria to seek out new lands and leave their Draconians to rule. This was not well received by her fellow Elder Dragons, as such Karakung was relegated to being an outsider with few allies. 

Nargus “The Defiler”


He was a winged terror with hide as black as pitch. He was the only Elder Dragon to never spawn broods of Draconians, preferring his tainted creations to be winged creatures of flight only. He firmly believed anything flightless, albeit human or Draconian, should not exist. As he would have it, all humans would be slaughtered and all Draconians enslaved. He firmly believed that only pure blood winged creatures should inherit and rule Cambria and that the Elder Dragons made a grave error in creating the Draconians. He was also notoriously jealous of King Vermithrax. After losing a fire breathing challenge to Vermithrax (which all but sealed Nargus’ fate to never becoming King) he rebelliously ventured to the farthest northern reaches of Cambira where he wrecked extreme havoc. He would take Draconian bodies, that failed to pass their “Second Birth” to this uncharted northern land and deposit them, so they could be transformed into an army of Boneclaws under his command. However, his plan to lay waste to all humans and Draconians alike never came to fruition. The human revolution that expelled the Draconians occurred before Nargus could complete his sadistic experiment. However, while in the North Nargus did master a most unique skill - that of ice breathing. Envious of Vermithrax’s fire, he decided to attempt to out-do his rival and mastered breathing a cone of purest ice, that could shatter an army in their own boots. It’s said that the Elder Dragons would have possibly defeated the human revolution, had not Vermithrax saw Nargus and both decided to battle one another, recklessly wasting their fire vs. ice energies that could have been directed at the massive human armies.